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The Huronia Urgent Care Clinic has been servicing the Barrie and area residents for over 20 years. We offer immediate care provided by physicians with emergency medicine experience treating patients with non-life threatening injuries or illnesses.  We are equipped to provide in person medical attention to patients of all ages in our spacious clinic. 


What makes us different?


  • On-Site Radiology- x-ray services are directly accessible to our suite in the building, the physician will refer you for an x-ray, read, interpret and review it with you during your visit

  • Minor Procedure Room- our facility has a dedicated well equipped area for performing minor surgical procedures 

  • Casting- we provide on-site splinting and casting application and removal 

  • Slit Lamp- available for assessing eye related concerns

  • Point of Care Testing- includes access to on-site urinalysis, pregnancy test, and glucometer testing


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